Thursday, May 25, 2017

Current Lease Offers for Selected EVs

May 25, 2017 7:30AM PDT - Reader updates!
  • Added McLoughlin Chevy in Oregon with a Volt lease offer. Thanks for the tip, Chaz!
  • OC Fiat  updated their lease offer ad - now at 12K mi/yr, for less than $10/month more when all costs are averaged over 3 years. Thanks for the tip, Eric!

Current EV Discounts page has been updated on 5/23/17. List includes dealers that don't publish any EV lease deals, and includes deals in VA, FL, AZ, and most recently TX and WI, in addition to most the states on this lease deals list. Check it out!
Sorts and Filters of the current lease deals have been updated with the latest info on 5/21/17. Take a look!

May 21, 2017 1:30AM PDT - Done with the weekly dealer lease offer updates. Highlights:
  • Dublin Chevy improved their lease offer on a Bolt LT with DCFC, now at a an average monthly cost of $277+tax+lic. 15 available. 
  • Fremont Chevy has a great Bolt LT lease deal, average cost of less than $270/mo+tax+lic. One only. 
  • Hooman Chevy improved ther Bolt LT lease offer by $20/mo, and now has a lease deal on a Bolt Premier with an average monthly cost of $330/mo+tax+lic.
  • Schomp BMW in Colorado improved their i3 REX lease offer by over $60/mo.
  • Lithia Fiat is back on the list with a one-pay lease offer: $5328+tax+lic for 3 years,10K mi/yr. 
  • Stevens Creek VW is back on the list with e-Golf SE and SEL lease offers. 
  • BMW of Murrieta now has a 330e lease offer. 
Here is this week's dealer lease offer ranking table: 

May 13, 2017 1:45PM PDT - Factory offers for Ford's Focus Electric and C-Max Energi have been updated. FFE deal is $30/mo less than when checked on May 1; C-Max Energi is down $9/mo. Thanks for the tip, Mike R!

May 7, 2017 10:30PM PDT - Factory lease offers are updated for May! Highlights:
  • Added Hyundai Ioniq factory lease deal. 
  • Chrysler now has a special lease offer for the Pacifica Hybrid Platinum - average cost per month to lease is now $615/mo, which is an improvement of almost $50/mo compared to last month's deal.
  • VW dropped the monthly on their e-Golf lease offer by $20/mo. 
  • Ford increased the cost of its lease offers on all of its pug-ins; C-Max Energi took the biggest hit at about $30/mo. 
  • Mercedes lowered their lease offer on a B250e by $50/mo.
  • Tesla lowered the cost of their Model X 75D lease offer by about $50/mo. 
Here is the Factory Lease Offer Ranking Table for May: