Thursday, November 14, 2019

Current Lease Offers for Selected EVs

November 14, 2019 - Dealer lease offers are updated on the "Details and Links" table! Highlights:
  • Audi Colorado Springs improved their lease offer on an e-tron by over $400/mo!
  • Audi Palo Alto improved their lease offer by over $160/mo.
  • Circle Audi is back on the list with an e-tron lease offer.
  • Audi of Downtown LA improved their lease offer by almost $90/mo!
  • Community Chevy their Bolt Premier lease offers by about $25/mo.
  • Hoselton Chevy (NY) now has a Volt lease offer.
  • Santa Monica Fiat cut the cost of their 500e lease offer by $60/mo!
  • Cole European Jaguar improved their I-Pace lease offer by $50/mo, and is for a vehicle with a more expensive trim level (~$4000 higher MSRP).
  • Lee Johnson Kia (WA) is back on the list with a Niro EV lease offer.
  • Nissan of Sunnyvale is back on the list with LEAF SV+ and SL+ lease offers.  
  • Nissan of Sacramento is back on the list with a LEAF SV+ lease offer. 
  • Toyota Place improved their lease offer on a 2020 Prius Prime by $30/mo.
  • Capitol VW and Team VW are back on the list with eGolf SEL lease offers. 
  • Speedcraft VW (RI) has a great lease offer on an e-Golf.
  • Sunrise Ford is back on the list with a Fusion Energi lease offer.
  • Mission Hills Hyundai is back on the list with an Ioniq Plug-in lease offer.
  • Stewart Chevy, Muzi Chevy (MA) and Stevens Creek Chevy are back on the list with Bolt lease offers.
  • Stevens Creek Chevy also has a Volt lease offer. 
Here is the latest Dealer Lease Offer Ranking Table. There are 74 offers on the list this week, which is 4 less than the last week in October. The Electric Vehicle Lease Guide on electrek has been updated with this data, sorted by make/model. Check it out!


November 5, 2019 - Factory lease offers have been updated for November! Highlights:
  • VW cut the monthly cost of their e-Golf lease offer by over $40/mo. Oddly, the offer isn't published on the factory website yet (as of 11/5/19), but it is mentioned under "National Offers" on the Pacific VW dealership website.
  • Mitsubishi cut the average monthly cost on their 2018 and 2019 Outlander PHEV offers by about $30-$40/mo.
  • Kia now has a lease offer for their 2020 Optima Plug-in.
  • Volvo lowered the cost of their S90, XC60, and XC90 Plug-in lease offers.
  • Factory lease offers for the Toyota Prius Prime, Fisker, and Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid were not found on manufacturer websites when checked on 11/5/19.  
Here is the Factory Lease Offer Ranking Table for November: