Sunday, April 23, 2017

Current Lease Offers for Selected EVs

Sorts and Filters of the current lease deals have been updated on 4/23/17. Check it out!  

Current EV Discounts were last updated on 4/11/17.

April 22, 2017 1:40AM PDT - This week's dealer lease offer update is complete! Highlights:
  • Hooman Chevy improved their lease off on a Bolt with DCFC, now averages $311/mo over the 3-year lease term. Their ad indicates that a total of $6000 in factory incentives are applied. If you are negotiating for a Bolt from another dealer that isn't including $6K in incentives, I suggest referring to Hooman's itemized list of incentives to try to get your dealer to apply those incentives to your deal. 
  • Sunnyvale Nissan pulled their lease offer on a LEAF S, but they've increased their discount to over $4000 for a total of over $8000 off including the factory rebate.
  • Rusnak Mercedes is back on the list with a 2016 B250e lease offer. 
Here's this week's Dealer Lease Offer Ranking Table. Enjoy!


If you just got your new EV in CA and haven't installed your HOV stickers yet, please read this post:

Eyeballing it: Tips on installing your HOV stickers

Over the past week I've seen several Bolt EVs with crooked stickers. Don't let this happen to you... it only takes a few more minutes and a couple of pieces of masking tape to make sure your stickers don't ruin the great looks of your new ride!


April 5, 2017 10:00PM PDT - April update of Factory lease offers is done! Highlights:
  • Chevy's Bolt lease offer is $31/mo less than last month's offer for a 3 year, 10K mi/yr term. Looks like its lease incentive is increased from $2500 to $3500!
  • BMW's lease offers for i3 and 330e models are higher by $10/mo. Lease on an X5 xDrive40e is lower by $30/mo and applies to the iPerformance trim level.  
  • Ford raised lease rates on its Energi models and on the 2016 Focus Electric. Lease offer on a 2017 Focus Electric was reduced.  
Here's the Factory Lease Offer Ranking Table for April: