Sunday, June 18, 2017

Current Lease Offers for Selected EVs

Sorts and Filters of the current lease deals have been updated with the latest info on 6/18/17. The different sorts may help you gauge how well a deal you are working on, based on average cost/mo. Take a look!

June 18, 2017 2:30PM PDT - Dealer lease offers are updated for the week ! Two more dealers added to the list tonight, thanks to reader feedback! Highlights:
  • Added Dailey Chevy in San Leandro with what should be the best deal this week on a Bolt. They also have a Volt lease deal published on their web site. Thanks for the tip, DenDru12!
  • Added Nissan of Portland to the list with a great 2-year lease deal on a LEAF S. Thanks for the tip, Chaz!
  • Martin Chevy in Torrance, CA is new to the list, with what might be one of this week's great lease deals on a Bolt (avg monthy cost under $250/mo) and a Volt (avg monthy cost under $180/mo).
  • Boardwalk Nissan is back on the list with a 2-year lease offer on a LEAF S.
  • Allen Gwynn Chevy is back on the list with Volt and Bolt lease offers.  
  • Concord BMW is back on the list with i3 and 330e lease deals. 
Here's this week's Dealer Lease Offer Ranking Table: