Sunday, September 24, 2017

Current Lease Offers for Selected EVs

Sorts and Filters of the current lease deals have been updated with the latest info on 9/24/17. The different sorts should help you compare dealer lease offers a few different ways based on average cost/mo. Also included on that page is the average dealer offer for EV models that have more than three dealer offers this week. Take a look!

September 23, 2017 11:00PM PDT - Weekly update of the dealer lease offers is done! Highlights:
  • Capitol VW has a lease offer on a 2017 e-Golf Comfortline (125 mile EPA range)! This is only $9 more per month than the factory offer for a 2017 SE, which also has been added to the table. 
  • Mark Christopher now has true $0 drive-off lease offers on a Bolt and Volt.... $239/mo+tax for either.
  • Tracy Motors in MA is back on the list with a Volt lease offer. 
  • Serramonte Ford is back on the list with a C-Max Energi deal. 
  • Premier Kia is back on the list with a Soul EV lease offer.
  • Kia of Downtown LA is  back on the list with  Soul EV and Optima Plug-in lease deals. 
  • Lee Johnson Kia in WA is back on the list with Soul EV and Soul EV+ lease offers. 
  • Dailey Chevy now has a Bolt EV lease offer.  
  • Stevens Creek BMW added a great 530e lease offer this week. 
Here's the updated Dealer Lease Offer Ranking Table.  Sorts and Filters of the current lease deals has been updated with this data.