Saturday, November 18, 2017

Current Lease Offers for Selected EVs

November 18, 2017 - Finished weekly update of "Details and Links" table with new and updated dealer lease offers! Highlights:
  • Stewart Chevy is back on the list with a Volt lease offer. 
  • Dailey Chevy is back on the list with Bolt and Volt Premier lease offers. 
  • BMW of Alexandria is back on the list with a 530e lease offer. 
  • Most offers from last week are still valid; a few have dropped off (i.e. Mark Christopher Chevy, Ron Baker Chevy, Power Kia, Capitol Kia). There are a couple of updates, just search for the word "Updated" and you should be able to catch them.  
Here is the updated Dealer Lease Offer Ranking Table. Check back for updates of Current lease deals sorted by cost per month ($/mo) and Current lease deals sorted by average cost per mile ($/mi).


November 16, 2017Current EV Discounts have been updated for November.  The list includes dealers that don't publish any EV lease deals, and includes deals in VA, FL, AZ, TX, WI, MI, IL, and now NC, MA and MD, in addition to most of the states on this lease deals list. Check it out!

November 12, 2017 - Updated Current lease deals sorted by cost per month ($/mo) and Current lease deals sorted by average cost per mile ($/mi). Current lease deals sorted by cost per month ($/mo) includes a table with average $/mo cost for selected models. 

November 12, 2017 - Weekly dealer lease offer updates are done! Highlights:
  • Valencia Chevy is back on the list with a great Bolt Premier lease deal.
  • Ron Baker Chevy in the San Diego area is back on the list for the first time since July with a competitive Bolt LT offer.
  • Boardwalk Chevy is back on the list after a one-week absence with one of the best Bolt LT lease offers of the month so far; it's currently the best on the West Coast. 
  • Team VW is back on the list with the best 2017 e-Golf SE lease offer so far. 
  • East Coast, take note! King VW in MD is back on the list with a 2017 e-Golf offer! 
  • Stevens Creek BMW improved their 530e lease offer this week... $1000 less down with a monthly that's $100 lower.  
November 3, 2017 8:30PM - New month! Done updating factory lease offers on the "Details and Links" table below for now. No offers from Audi again this month, and VW hasn't updated their offers yet. Still need to look at Ford again, they have no special offers yet as far as I can tell on their Energi models; the build-and-price lease calculations seem higher than normal. By midnight I will snap the line on the Factory offers and at least have a preliminary ranking. Highlights so far:
  • BMW improved their factory lease offer on an i3 and i3 REX by $50/mo! Also, their offer on a 2018 530e is improved by $70/mo. In contrast, their offer on a 330e is worse by $90/mo, but it's for a 2018 with a higher MSRP than a 2017. 
  • Chevy's factory lease offer on a Volt seems relatively unchanged from last month, but it's for 12K mi/yr rather than 15K mi/yr.  Their lease offer on a Bolt increased by maybe a few bucks a month. 
  • Chrysler's lease offer on a 2018 Pacifica Hybrid is similar to the 2017 Hybrid. Bad deal either way, though. Better to buy if you have to have one today. 
  • Tesla lease offers on the Model S 75D and Model X 75D are up by about  $30/mo and $60/mo respectively. 
  • Ford's factory lease offers on their Energi models are unusually high. Focus Electric deal is relatively unchanged from last month at about $2/mo less. 
Here's the Factory Lease Offer Ranking Table for November;  VW and Audi are absent.