Tuesday, December 31, 2019

EV Lease Deals - Averages and sorted/filtered tables

12/30/19 - Updated sort tables and averages with this week's offers! Observations:
  • Audi dealers continue to improve their e-tron lease deals, now averaging over $400/mo less than when it debuted earlier this year.
  • Bolt lease offers seem to have spiked last month, perhaps due scarcity of both 2019 and 2020 models on dealer lots in November. More 2020 LT models seem to be available this month, and lease deals have improved somewhat.
  • Fusion Energi deals are at the best they've been in a long time, at an average monthly cost under $300/mo for the last two months. 
  • On average, Prius Prime lease offers advertised by Toyota dealers are $99/mo cheaper this month, probably driven by an attractive factory lease deal that is now available for 2020 models.
There are four sorted/filtered tables below on this page:
  1. Sorted by make/model/trim, then sorted by avg $/mo. Includes Factory lease offers. 
  2. Sorted by avg $/mo. Includes Factory lease offers.orted by state, then sorted by avg $/mo
  3. Filtered for BEVs, then sorted by avg $/mo
  4. Filtered for PHEVs, then sorted by avg $/mo  
We also have a page with Dealer Lease Offers sorted by $/mi and a page with Factory and Dealer Lease Offers - Combined. 


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Unknown said...

Northern California. Fiat 500e being returned from lease. Understand that lease returns go to auction. As a member of the public where do I get a list of the 500e that are up for auction in Northern California?
How can I bid on the 500e being auctioned?

Benecya said...

Find old advertisements, copy the VIN numbers and Google them. You'll likely happen upon some of the auctions, but be warned. These are sometimes closed to the general public or the vehicles are wholesaled and then promptly marked up. I accidentally discovered all this when an unamed dealership continued to advertise a salvage vehicle on its site as used without a photo. Did some digging and voila discovered it's true condition and real reason it was priced so low.

Patrick Soon said...

Any information on the Smart ED?

vin said...

Hey Patrick - No, smart pulled the offer information from their website about a month and a half ago. Info was for the original ED. Still nothing on the new model.

I've never been successful in finding any dealer discounts or lease offers on a smart ED. Whenever I look I only see them parroting the factory offer. Beverly Hills smart is still posting the expired factory deals here:


I suspect the factory deals will re-appear once the new model hits the streets. Stay tuned...

Unknown said...

Quirk deals are a scam. Fine print says loyalty and trade in required. Lol

vin said...

Myung - most of the deals posted here require a down payment or trade-in of a certain value as well as qualification of some kind of conditional offer. So why do you consider Quirk's deal a scam?

SuperGirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
SuperGirl said...

The Team VW 2016 egolf as sold out as of last week. They are getting 2017 this month.

Warriors said...

Can we add a filter to sort by "cost per mile"?

vin said...

Done! See link above (and below) for a whole page dedicated to sorting by $/mi. Thanks for the suggestion, Warrior!


sparkev said...

Love the new color coding as well as new comments. Other comment section was getting wayyyy toooooo loooooong.

vin said...

Hey sparkev! I hope all is well with you. I've been lurking daily as usual on insideevs, always like to read your interjections.

Yeah, this blog platform doesn't handle comments very well. One of these days I hope to find a better setting for the comments, or maybe even a better platform to transfer to altogether. Or maybe I'll just delete comments that are older than 3 months or so. But that's last resort.

Anyway, it is great to hear from you!!!

See ya -

Ivan said...

I tried to contact Harbour Chevrolet regarding the Volt deal you posted and they quoted me much higher! Where did you find that particular deal?

vin said...

Hi Ivan - my bad, that data was Harbor Chevy's Volt deal from last month. Their most recent Volt deal is on the Current Lease Offers page, in the "Details and Links" table. I've updated the tables on that page; I'll have to update the tables on this page tomorrow.

Thanks for the help!

Ivan said...

Thanks for fixing it, though I'll admit I'm heartbroken about missing the deal!

Nicholas Hutchings said...

Just moved to SoCal, looking for an electric car, likely a lease. If I find a manufacturer lease deal, how do I then get a car for that deal, especially if it's better than what the local dealer is offering?

vin said...

Welcome to SoCal, Nicholas! The great thing about this area (LA and OC in particular) is that if your closest dealer can't come up with a deal that beats the factory lease offer, chances are that another three dealers within a 30-mile radius can. I think your best bet is to start negotiating with at least three dealers, then pit them against each other. If you're a Costco or Sam's Club or AAA member, try using their auto buying service to locate a dealer that is part of their discount program and find out how much they can beat the factory lease offer by. Take that info and negotiate with other dealers for an even better deal. If you tell me specifically what model and area of So Cal you are looking for, perhaps I can provide some specific recommendations.

Another resource, if you haven't tried them yet, is Leasehackr.com... lots of good lease discussion there, (EV and non-EV).

Nicholas Hutchings said...

Thanks for your help! I'm looking for either Bolt EV or Leaf S (preferrably the former, but it's more expensive). I don't need it until September, so I've got some time to look around, but I would love any recommendations! Thanks for the tip about Leasehackr - I'll check it out.

Jon Ullman said...

Hi, Vin. The Mark Cristopher deal isn’t zero down. I talked to Internet manager. He said it’s been money down in the ad at bottom for weeks. Said it would be $2,396.

vin said...

Thanks Jon, I corrected it on the "Details and Links" table, will be propagated to the other tables in the coming week. I read $1295 down off of their ad, so that's what I'll be listing. $2396 is total drive-off. I appreciate the help!

annapurna said...

great blog ! very helpful . i noticed that bolt bolt lease deals are not current . momentum chevy , stewart chevy and fremont chevt has good deals in northen ca

Unknown said...

2018 Leaf S $99/Month 12k/Yr $2995 down + fees
(No mention of the $2,000 NY Drive Clean Rebate)


Thabo said...

What about all us poor bastards out here in sunny Colorado? Didn’t we just signed up for some low emissions thingy - do you think some deals will be coming our way? I know hundreds of people who are still looking for the elusive three row four-wheel-drive plug-in SUV come on car companies.