Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Electric Vehicle Cargo Space member tinilk and his father make a Home Depot run in their FFEs
May 1, 2019: Wow, I can't believe it's been two and a half years since I touched this page. I'd like like to thank Wyatt for prodding me a few days ago to take an interest. :-)

As you might imagine, I got this data by googling around. Much of it is from Edmunds. Some of it is straight from manufacturer sites. A handful are from Wikipedia or an article published by a reputable EV or automotive website.  If there is enough curiosity, I'll provide more tables with different sorts and maybe links to the data, but for now I just did a quick update to include current and upcoming plug-ins. Enjoy, and please let me know if I missed anything!


jackmarie said...

Thanks for sharing this data here. I am pleased to find this post. I am completely new to four wheelers and have been thinking to get new car and someone suggested going for EC. But I am not able to make the decision so it will be great if you can share Electric car buyers guide as well.

Wyatt said...

Any chance you can update this again soon? Thank you!

Wyatt said...

Awesome! Thank you for the quick update!