Sunday, November 27, 2016

Electric Vehicle Cargo Space member tinilk and his father make a Home Depot run in their FFEs
November 27, 2016: Don't worry folks, this time I'm just going to present the data. No more ranting about self-proclaimed experts whining about trunk space, I promise.

So unlike the first two installments, "Trunk Wars" (2013) and "I'm Bringing Booty Back" (2015), this third installment will just present the data and perhaps some unbiased insight, to be updated sporadically to correct the data as needed (data sources, I have come to realize, are not always perfect), and to include new models as manufacturers offer more and more plug-ins for us to choose from. I'm also planning to improve the format somewhat, and provide links to data sources. For now, here's the data I've gathered on how much room is back there. Enjoy!